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#JourneyToCTA Bootcamp

  1st & 2nd June 2018

A full-day webinar of best practices, techniques and tools you need to prepare for your biggest challenge – the Certified Technical Architect Review Board.


Experience real growth by preparing three mock scenarios as part of the bootcamp and the Assessment with a CTA.

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Pass Rate of Candidates With Coaching

(*Number is based on the results for 6 CTAs of the Tquila Architect Academy which Sebastian mentored for. We are not able to provide a success guarantee as it is subject to each candidate, but with our coaching.)

Being one of the first members and graduates of Tquila's Technical Architect Academy, Sebastian heavily contributed to the success of the program by designing essential parts of the framework including learning journeys, practical exercises and assignments as well as mentoring other academy members. His focus is not only to help people develop in-depth technical knowledge, but also for them to acquire the necessary soft skills people need to communicate that knowledge.

(Tquila, founded 2010, was Europe's largest Salesforce Partner before it got acquired by Accenture in 2014. By the time 6 out of the 20 CTAs in Europe had worked at Tquila and graduated from the Tquila Technical Architect Academy)

Wes Nolte

CTA & Director, Innovation & Thought Leadership, Accenture


Why become a CTA

The Salesforce Certified Technical Architect is Salesforce’s elite certification and candidates agree it is one of the  toughest challenges they have ever encountered. The majority of candidates who attempt the Board Review fail, including some of the most experienced consultants. Our citizens significantly increase the likelihood of successfully passing and attain:

Best Enterprise Architect Cert 2017

Razor-sharp consulting skills


Boost your career and salary


High credibility


Benefits of FlowRepublic CTA programs


Pass Rate of Candidates With Coaching*

CTAs graduated from TAA*


ROI within the first months+

*Numbers are based on the works of the Tquila Architect Academy, for which Sebastian was a contributor and mentor. By the time 7 out of 20 CTAs in Europe were graduates from the TAA. We are not able to provide a success guarantee as it is subject to each candidate.

+Based on a non-representative survey CTA's who have archived the certification have reported a significant annual salary increase of thousands of dollars.


Higher Success

Candidates with an optimal preparation have a higher chance of passing the board when attempting. Our students not only increase their chances, while gaining valuable skills, they can archive and leverage their CTA Certification earlier.


Structured Learning Journey

Our program framework offers a structured Learning Journey taking the CTA's requirements and students' needs into account, helping them to attain their goal!


Boost Your Skills

Becoming a Certified Technical Architect not only requires you to have excellent technical knowledge, but requires a holistic set of skills including governance, presentation, communication, thinking on your feet. All of which are an essential part of our programs and improve your work with colleagues, clients and peers.


Experienced Mentors

Sebastian, a Certified Technical Architect himself since 2014, passed on the first attempt. His success is a result of the renowned Tquila Architect Academy (7 CTA alumni!), which he helped shaping as a contributor and mentor. Learn more.


Learning Techniques

At FlowRepublic we leverage proven scientific learning techniques to ensure the efficiency of our tools consisting of coaching, mentoring, self-learning, assignments, practical exercises, mock exams and analysis.



Assert your skills in CVs for employers, recruiters and clients, with our FlowRepublic Certification, while waiting to sit the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect Review Board .

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